Long Compton, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire

Long Compton Bells: 6; 12-0-22 in F
Grid Reference/Map 151/287330
Postcode: CV36 5JJ
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Tuesday 7:30pm-9:00pm (1st, 3rd, & 5th Only, 2 & 4 at Whichford)
Service Ringing: Not Known
Recommended Pub: The Red Lion Main Street, Long Compton, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire, CV36 5JS Tel: 01608 684221.
Contact: Trevor Hobday, The Old Barn, Main Street, Long Compton, Shipston on Stour CV36 5JS Tel:- 01608 684818  Email

History Of The Bells

One of many very pleasant villages in South Warwickshire, Long Compton has a very well cared for church.

The bells were originally a complete ring of five or six by James (father) and Richard (son) Keene, only the two trebles remaining. The treble is the earliest bell with Richard Keene's initials, (the second having his father's) on it. No other bell has come to light that can be attributed to him before 1656. It can be speculated that the father was merely allowing the son put his name on the one or more of the bells; as did the Rudhalls at Tredington.

They were last retuned and rehung in a new frame by Taylors in 1956-7, but reusing the fittings provided by Bond in 1924 when he recast two bells and rehung the bells in a new frame with new fittings. The third and fifth were previously Henry Bagley III bells of 1731 at which time the two Keene bells were retained and four bells were cast/recast, one of which, now the fourth, subsequently required recasting in 1823. The tenor is nearer to F (F+31c) than the normally quoted F#. The bells go well and are well worth a visit.

It is also worth noting the pretty Sanctus bell turret over the chancel arch, containing an ancient bell. It is of 16th century manufacture, 13.625" in diameter, by an unknown founder. Revd H Tilley noted on his visit in 1879, revisited by H B Walters in 1907, that the belfry is "dirty and neglected" and that the "third is cracked".

Park on the main road by the church. You will then walk through the thatched Lych Gate that is unusual in that is has an upstairs room as part of it. The tower entrance is on the south side of the church.

Note that Little Compton almost next door, (their bells having been recently rehung), is in the county of Warwickshire but NOT in the Diocese of Coventry.

Details Of The Bells
1 James & Richard Keene, Woodstock 1652 5-0-22 29.00" 1195.0Hz (D+30c)
2 James & Richard Keene, Woodstock 1652 5-3-25 31.75" 1066.0Hz (C-32c)
3 Thomas Bond, Burford 1924 5-2-24 32.125" 947.0Hz (Bb+27c)
4 W & J Taylor, Oxford 1823 6-3-22 34.75" 895.0Hz (A+29c)
5 Thomas Bond, Burford 1924 7-2-18 36.875" 796.0Hz (G+26c)
6 Henry Bagley III, Chacombe 1731 12-0-22 41.375" 711.0Hz (F+31c)